I Kidnapped My Wife

February 11, 2019

We just got back from another TeamUs Adventure; this one was a kidnapping for Meeks' birthday.

It started with a simple request. With Meeks' birthday coming up I sent her a text message that said, "Have an overnight bag ready by Saturday morning." That was it; those were the only instructions. That was Thursday, and except for telling here what kinds of clothes to pack, I didn't tell her anything else. I didn't tell anybody where we were going, especially the kids as I didn't want her to know anything. By Saturday morning the kids were settled with their grandparents, Meeks' bag was packed and we were on the road and she hadn't lifted a finger except to pack her suitcase. I think only then did she realize that she was being whisked away with absolutely no idea where she was going... and I wasn't going to tell her.

What awaited her was a lakefront hotel room, facing out to the lake itself with nothing between our balcony and Lake Michigan but a few fire pits and sand. Quite humorously, the resort was hidden behind campgrounds and forest preserves and I could see the confusion in her eyes as the road started coming to an end and we were surrounded by signs for camping. I sat there tight-lipped and laughing knowing what might be going through her mind.

Nevertheless, the room was as romantic as desired. The beach and lake view were outstanding with nothing between us and the horizon but clouds and water. You could see the sunrise from the bed, but unfortunately it was too cloudy for us on our morning there.

The indoor pool had a tropical feel to it with a lot of (potted) palm plants/trees inside. The pool area was very warm despite it being only between 5 and 15 degrees outside. This is extremely important for us as a couple because Tamekia has Sickle Cell disease and cold water in cold air is an absolute no go. So, despite having vehemently checked that the pool area itself was warm in addition to the water itself; it was nice to walk in there and see that was actually the case.

We went into town for dinner, visiting The Shanty restaurant which I had first seen on The Food Network and seen a second time driving home from one of our earlier Six Flags Great America weekends. The food was phenomenal. There was a 45-minute wait, and I can honestly say that it was worth the wait. Meeks had the Blackened Conch Filet Mingnon, and loved every bite of it. For me, there weren't very many plant-based options; but the options they had were sufficient. I ended up doing the "Pick a Pasta" and choosing Cavatappi Corkscrew noodles with Tomato Vodka sauce and Sautéed Vegetables as a topping. Like Meeks' I thoroughly enjoyed my meal.

I had other plans for us for the weekend, but Meeks absolutely refused to get a massage without me, and the resort couldn't squeeze me in as they were completely booked. I also had one other event planned for her which remains a mystery to her. I cancelled it as it was getting late and cold and I didn't want to wear her out... with events. So we spent the remainder of our evening closed in our room with our shades open and nothing but the lake outside looking back at us.

After a quick morning workout, I brought breakfast back to the room for her. We hung out in the resort for a little while before heading over to Gurnee Mills mall. If you aren't familiar with the mall, it is one of the largest malls in the world. A little light shopping for Meeks and then home where we had ice cream and cake with our family. That was our weekend together. It was short, quaint, secluded and romantic.

Fellas, I encourage you to try this one. Just tell your girl to pack an overnight bag; and don't say anything else. Do all the working out of the details in the background away from her so she has no idea what is happening with the kids, reservations etc. Let her do nothing but show up and experience whatever it is that you have planned for her. NO DETAILS... don't tell her anything; until it's time to do what's next. Let her enjoy the fun of romance and mystery.

And yes. I am aware that I never said where I took her, lol. That's MY secret for now.

Romantic Getaway Weekend Eats!

Weekend eats! We visited The Shanty Restaurant in Wadsworth, IL this weekend. It had been featured on The Food Network, so since we were near the area celebrating Meeks' birthday we decided to give it a shot. There was a 45-minute wait to get a table, but it was well worth it.



posted by Coco on February 11, 2019
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Much love & thanks to Black Couple Revolution for showing our union some love on Instagram. If you are looking to add even more love to your 'gram; give them a follow at @blackcouplerevolution.


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