Looking Into Canada from the Blue Water River Walk

Corey Buckner
July 29, 2021

Well, we really wanted to go to Canada together, but COVID-19 travel restrictions prevented that. So, we did the next best thing and went all the way to the US/Canadian border and looked over Lake St. Claire into our neighbors to the North. Actually, in this case considering where we were, Canada was to the East of us. At the Blue Water River Walk the Lake St. Claire separates a stretch of the United States of America in Port Huron, Michigan and Canada in Sarnia, Ontario. It also connects two of the Great Lakes, Lake Erie to the south and Lake Huron to the north, and is an absolutely beautiful and serene stop to make if you find yourself this far east in Michigan.

The water is very blue, hence the name, and there are a lot of artwork, inlet waterways, places to stop and sit along the river, and historical plaques and markers sharing interesting historical tidbits about the area. It is also very cool to stand there at water's edge and look across and see The Maple Leaf l'Unifolié (the Canadian flag) flying high over the streets of Canada. There we were, watching people in clear view walking, driving, and doing life as usual.

From the Blue Water River Walk you can also look to the north and see both the old Blue Water Bridge and the new Blue Water Bridge. The former is hoisted high in the sky in an upright position, while the later stands majestically connecting neighboring nations to one another. The entire area is both beautiful and romantic, and well worth taking a trip out to see; especially as a couples' adventure.

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2016 vs 2021: The more things change, the more they stay the same. We are always going to find water & this weekend we found PLENTY of it on the US/Canada border.


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We spent some time on the US/Canadian border, and in the lakes and other bodies of water throughout Michigan. More to come soon from our 2021 Anniversary Adventure.


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